aboutusmotorsportinpubsWelcome to the official website for Motorsport in Pubs!

Motorsport in Pubs is a social network for like-minded people looking to relax, grab a drink and watch motorsport in a local pub amongst fellow fans.

How many times to do you see groups of people gathering with their mates in pubs for the football or rugby and think “I really wish I could do this for Formula Oneor MotoGP?”.   Do you often feel that you’re the only motosport fan in the world because you have to watch it alone or with one or two people on your TV at home?

We do too! But it’s not true, and Motorsport in Pubs aims to put bringing fans together at the heart of everything it does.

Motorsport in Pubs always tries its best to find venues easy-to-get-to and friendly enough for whether you’re a drinker or not.

Keep checking this site for information on where to watch Formula One™, MotoGPand more during 2016.

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Want a little bit extra?  Have a listen to our podcast, the Formula Pubscast, recorded live from Motorsport in Pubs events and part of Downforce Radio, listen to fan reaction and hear exclusive interviews with drivers and personalities from across all sections of motor sport.

Motorsport in Pubs is a FIA (Formula Oneand Formula E) media accredited website.

Still not convinced?  Check out this video from one of our events in London.